SE 03 • Cross-functional performances

Integrate effective cross-functions in the projects


1 day (7 hours)

Rate (per trainee):

Distance learning: 750 € ex-tax
Face to face learning: 850 € ex-tax


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To better understand and integrate the cross-functions in the projects.

At the end of the training, the trainee will be able to:

  • Handle the main cross-functions (cross-functional requirements)
  • Be aware of their impacts on the project organization
  • Be able to implement an approach for their allocation, evaluation and the management of the associated margins


The main cross-functions

  • What is a cross-functional requirement, how is it characterized, what is its life cycle?
  • Example of cross-functional performance: the RAMS concept and functional performance

Impact of the cross-functions on the organization

  • Cross-functional performance as a vector of project performance
  • Need for an adapted organization

Evaluation of cross-functional performance

  • Standard evaluation process
  • Margin management
  • Allocation
  • Evaluation/Demonstration of cross-functional performance


Assessment for learning: quiz, exercises

Dedicated to

  • Program Manager
  • Technical Manager
  • Project Manager
  • System Architect


Basic knowledge in SE and Design
System thinking (01)
Project Monitoring