Our vision of transmission

For a good transmission, before speaking, one must listen…

Knowledge can only be transmitted if is is well received. To do this, we must get to know you, discover your expectations and understand the context which you are evolving in. We will then be able to adjust ourselves to your frame of reference and make sure that the training will be an important part of your evolution.

You can browse our catalogue and benefit from all our sessions, but what we like even more is to create unique and effective courses.

We like to meet our clients, talk about their needs, the people we have to train and the targets goals in order to build customized use cases.

And if we can visit your office and prepare this together, it will be even more interesting. “You want to do a workshop? Great! We love to cooperate and tailor.”

Beyond the people you need to train, there’s the environment in which they’re going to implement what you’re going to share with them. If we are lucky enough to access it, our training will be even more filled with know-how.


Beyond the pragmatic aspects of our training courses, the fact that they will respect the trained engineers and experts’ environments, really matters to us.

Thus, when the assistance is homogeneous enough, we always bring an important business layer in the choice of the case studies we address. For example, when the people in the audience work in the nuclear field, the safety functions will be integrated into our content and dealt with by our trainers. For us, theory or method are only efficient if they are “applied”.

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