DEPENDABILITY 02 – Module 02 • Dependability

Integrate Dependability in the risk management process of Systems and Facilities


1 day

Price (per trainee):

Distance learning: 750 € ex-tax
Face to face learning: 850 € ex-tax


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Understand the role of Safety Instrumented Systems in the risk management process of systems and installations (Dependability).

Understand the standard environment associated with Dependability (IEC 61508 and derived standards). 

Acquire a global vision of the technical and organizational concepts of Dependability. 

Understand the application of Dependability throughout the Safety Life Cycle. 

Understand how Dependability fits into the safety approach.

At the end of the training, the trainee will:

Understand how to integrate Functional Safety in Global Nuclear Safety strategy.


Introduction to Dependability

  • Industrial operators needs regarding the “risk” issue
  • Link between Dependability and the Dependability/NS objectives of a project
  • Regulatory and standard context (IEC 61508 and derivatives)

General principles of Dependability

  • Concepts of ILS
  • Technical principles: reliability, redundancy, common modes, technologies…
  • Organizational principles: responsibilities, businesses, independence…

Implementation of a security life cycle: phases and methods

  • Analysis of functional security needs
  • Design Dependability: I&C system, hardware, software
  • Validate Dependability
  • Operation and maintenance of safety systems

Best practices and feedback

  • Cautionary notes and “real” difficulties
  • Good practices: organization, processes, skills, quality…
  • Additional System Engineering tools

Assessment for learning: quiz

Dedicated to

  • Technical Manager
  • Project Quality Manager
  • Head of Dependability
  • NS Manager
  • Control and industrial automation Managers


Notions of control systems and I&C.
Notions of Nuclear Safety and Dependability (the follow-up of the modules NS01 and DEPENDABILITY01-M1 delivered by AXONE is a plus).