NS 07 • HOF in operation

HOF in the operation of a nuclear facility


1 day (7 hours)

Rate (per trainee):

Distance learning: 750 € ex-tax
Face to face learning: 850 € ex-tax


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  • Understand the HOF and associated issues, particularly in the nuclear industry.
  • Understand how to manage HOF in operations.
  • Be able to identify a need for HOF in a modification project of an installation (Modification Assessment Sheets – Request for Modification Authorization) or in an event analysis.
  • Be able to manage a HOF service.


Key concepts covered during the training

  • HOF
  • Human risks
  • Making work situations reliable

Content of the day


  • Regulatory aspects concerning HOF
  • Define the HOF
  • Define the HOF in the nuclear industry

Topics of interest of HOF in operation

  • HOF analyses for safety review
    • Analysis of safety sensitive activities in the installation
    • Analysis of the organization of the operation
  • HOF analyses in the context of an installation modification
    • Organizational modification
    • Technical modification
  • Analysis of events

How to consider the HOF (process)

  • Analysis of work situations
  • Risk analysis
  • Action plan

The presentation will be illustrated with examples and interactive exercises will be proposed to grasp the concepts presented.

Assessment for learning: quiz

Dedicated to

Operating staff: Facility Manager, Safety Engineer, Operators (operating, maintenance), etc.
Project Manager in charge of facility modifications and any person who may be required to write specifications.


Knowledge in the nuclear industry