DEPENDABILITY 03 – Module 01 • Inductive analysis

Bottom-up approach to identify, evaluate and control risks at any stage of a project


2 days

Price (per trainee):

Distance learning: 1 400 € ex-tax
Face to face learning: 1 600 € ex-tax

Dates of the sessions:


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Master the systematic studies that identify the failures of a system to deduce their effects, as a risk management tool.

  • Understand the process of inductive analysis,
  • Know the different methods of inductive analysis.

At the end of the training, the trainee will:

  • Understand the value of the “bottom-up” approach.
  • Be able to build an inductive analysis.


Day 1

Introduction to inductive analysis

  • Definitions
  • Issues, context and objectives
  • Advantages and disadvantages

Type of inductive analysis

  • RPA
  • Qualitative / Quantitative
  • Specificities according to the fields

Focus on HAZOP

  • Structure
  • Development guide
  • Examples and application

Day 2

Focus on FMECA

  • Typical structure
  • Step by step construction
  • Process the results

Examples and application

Assessment for learning: quiz

Dedicated to

  • Technical Manager
  • Project Manager,
  • Project Controller
  • Project Quality Manager
  • Dependability Manager


Knowledge of the system of interest