NS 03 • Integrated Nuclear Safety © in operation

Safety is central to the operation of nuclear facilities


1 day

Rate (per trainee):

Distance learning: 750 € ex-tax
Face to face learning: 850 € ex-tax


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Understand the implications of Integrated Nuclear safety © in operating facilities.

At the end of the training, the trainee will be able to:

  • Understand the regulatory framework to optimize modification projects for an INB and know where to look for the information they need
  • Use the safety baseline.
  • Appreciate the expectations of operators when controlling the service providers
  • Develop and maintain a safety culture


Key concepts will be declined over the two days

Hazard Management

Regulatory corpus

Documentary database

Place of safety in operations

  • Safety missions,
  • Safety culture.

Safety repository

  • Documentary architecture,
  • Modification authorization request files.

Modification of an INB

  • Authorization levels,
  • Modification authorization application files.

Internal controls of the nuclear operator

Control of external authorities

Practical work

Intervention on an INB

  • The concept of actions Concerned by Quality or important for protection,
  • Control the service providers.

Event management

  • How to manage significant events
  • Crisis management

Safety review

  • Objectives and approach
  • The re-examination files

Complementary safety assessments

Waste and effluent management

Transport radioactive substances

How to organize safety in operation


Assessment for learning: quiz, practical work

Dedicated to

  • Service providers
  • Design office
  • External contractors


Nuclear Safety awareness